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Rebranding Progress: Calhoun Performance

For years, we’ve been known as Calhoun Custom Porting. The late Alvin Calhoun, Davin’s father and our great visionary, birthed this business out of his love for cars, machinery, and art. You can read more about the beginnings of our business here.

As progress goes, we recently changed the name of our speed shop to Calhoun Performance to 1) roll off the tongue smoother and 2) to embody the spirit of what we do. We found, at times, customers would forget the full name of the business. Understandably. And of course, our machining focuses on maximizing engine combustion efficiency for the drag and circle track racers, or any racer. Thus, we went from three words to two, and continue to fine-tune our methods to meet our goals and ensure our character, values, and strength always reflect in our identity.

We have a lot of things planned that we continue to implement little by little. For instance, if you take a look at the mobile version of our website today, you will see we’ve incorporated a sketch of Mr. Alvin on the menu to keep a lasting imprint of his spirit. Of course, we continue to etch our AC logo on the heads of our customers, which was originally hand drawn by Mr. Alvin. We’ve unified our name across our social media platforms and website for ease of search. We are also testing out different products and ideas.

Most of all, we are growing and weighing our options. We are grateful to be a part of this performance industry, and we plan to share more updates and information about head porting with you regularly. So be sure to subscribe to our email list and website.

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